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2021 Yamaha Wolverine X4 850 EPS SE

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 A Special Edition for extreme adventures, the Wolverine X4 EPS 850 SE comes complete with factory-installed WARN winch, Special Edition paint, colour-matched wheels and aggressive GBC Dirt Commander tires. You'll be going places you never thought possible in a 4-seater.

HIGHLIGHTS Terrainability

Innovation is found throughout the Wolverine X4. New Sachs self-level with dual rate springs are fitted on the rear of the unit and provide consistent comfort and maintain wheel travel under load. Power

Wolverine X4 comes with an all-new 847cc in-line twin cylinder engine that provides smooth and seamless acceleration throughout the RPM range thanks to a new YCC-T Drive-by-Wire electronic throttle. Design

Roomy 4-person seating is offered through contoured high back bucket seats that offer an industry only 4-to-2-seat convertible bed. Superior versatility makes it easy for hauling additional passengers or gear without sacrificing class-leading terrainability.

KEY Features
  • Special Edition package - Factory Winch, SE Paint & Graphics, beefy radial tires and more
  • Potent 847cc Twin-Cylinder Powerplant
  • Class-Leading Electric Power Steering
  • Responsive and Reliable Ultramatic® Transmission
  • Compact and Nimble Chassis
  • Plush Front Shocks with Self-Leveling Rear Suspension

Features & Benefits

Key Differences between Wolverine X4 EPS & Wolverine X4 EPS SE

  • Factory installed WARN® winch
  • Colour matched interior
  • Two-tone seat
  • Aggressive tire pattern


Compact, 847cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve, inline twin cylinder engine provides lots of torque across the rev range with linear throttle response

  • Features Yamaha's Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T)
  • compact engine design allows it to be placed in the centre of the chassis allowing a shorter wheelbase for excellent off road capabilities
  • engine is designed to provide smooth, quiet operation for maximum enjoyment
  • 4-point rubber engine mounts reduce vibration

4-valve design maximizes flow into & out of combustion chamber

  • 31.5 mm intake & 26.5 mm exhaust valves
  • stainless steel valves feature an Isonite surface treatment & carburized tips for excellent durability & wear resistance

Lightweight hollow camshafts.

  • cam profiles are designed to accentuate torque & power throughout the rev range
  • automatic cam chain tensioner reduces both mechanical engine noise & maintenance

"Cross Plane Concept" 270 degree crankshaft.

  • design reduces inertia torque while emphasizing linear torque
  • design has been optimized to achieve strong torque over a broad rpm range
  • CP Concept offers excellent "drive-ability" and linear throttle response

Lightweight gear driven balancer shaft.

  • reduces engine vibration for excellent rider / passenger comfort
  • reduced vibration also improves engine durability

Forged connecting rods feature a "nut less" design.

  • rods are heat treated for excellent durability

Lightweight, concaved forged aluminum short skirt pistons.

  • design aids in fast engine response & reduced mechanical vibration
  • excellent durability

"Liner less" bores with direct nickel ceramic plating sprayed directly on the aluminum block.

  • design eliminates the need for liners / sleeves & reduces weight
  • excellent heat dissipation & durability for consistent power delivery
  • cylinder block is incorporated into the upper engine case to reduce weight

Offset cylinder design.

  • cylinder is "offset" relative to the crank (toward exhaust side)
  • offset design reduces the side load (friction) on the pistons during the power stroke for improved power output & excellent fuel economy

Dry sump lubrication system with heat exchanger type oil cooler.

  • oil tank baffling system prevents oil starvation in rugged /difficult off road environments
  • dry sump oil system reduces engine height for a lower centre of gravity (no deep design oil pan)
  • heat exchanger type oil cooler maintains consistent oil temperatures for improved durability
  • spin-on type oil filter for fast oil changes

Yamaha Chip Control Throttle (YCC-T) system (a.k.a. "fly by wire throttle").

  • YCC-T electronically controls the throttle valves for outstanding throttle response
  •  YCC-T provides precise control of intake air volume for a smoother torque curve

"Closed loop" dual 36 mm Mikuni throttle body fuel injection.

  • system uses a throttle position sensor (TPS) for optimum performance (TPS is linked to the ECU & ignition mapping)
  • 12 hole injectors for optimum fuel atomization
  • system is "tuned" to provide excellent "drive-ability" & "linear" throttle control
  • fuel injection benefits include choke-free starting, steady idling during warm up, excellent fuel economy & reduced emissions

Easy access, high mounted, high flow 11.5 litre air box features primary & secondary air filters.

  • primary filter is a washable foam design, secondary filter is a wet viscous paper filter
  • no tools, clip-style air box lid for easy access
  • air box & ducting are designed to reduce intake noise
  • no tools required air box & duct work drains

Yamaha's industry leading "Ultramatic" CVT (fully automatic) transmission with reverse & downhill engine braking.

  • dual range, high - low transmission with reverse. Low range offers more "grunt" for towing or hauling heavy loads or when tackling technical terrain.
  •  CVT automatically selects the optimum transmission ratio, meaning you are always in the right "gear"
  •  Ultramatic design offers controllable, confidence inspiring downhill engine braking
  •  engine braking also reduces brake wear & servicing
  •  Ultramatic design features a special centrifugal clutch which keeps constant tension on the V-belt to reduce belt wear since the belt does not slip as the clutches engage
  •  high mounted belt cooling ducts help prevent water ingestion
  •  V-belt housing has a "no tools required" drain plug
  • automotive style, gated, 5-postion shifter (high, low, neutral, reverse & park)

Super convenient, servo motor controlled, push button On Command 4WD drive system.

  • On Command drive system features 3 modes: 2wd, 4wd limited slip & 4wd differential lock
  •  On Command drive system lets you select the best mode for the conditions... not the machine
  • 4wd differential lock provides power to all 4 wheels for maximum traction and "bite"

Hi-low- reverse transmission features helical cut gears.

  • helical cut gears reduce mechanical noise & provide smooth, easy shifting
  •  transfer case style transmission (separate transfer case bolts to engine)
  • console mounted, automotive style gated shifter (H-L-N-R)

Heavy duty front & rear drive shafts & new design front & rear gear cases.

  • single piece front & rear drive shafts
  • ring & pinion gears use a spiral design to reduce noise
  • front & rear CV drive shafts feature heavy duty "Peest" rubber boots to protect the CV joints for extended service life & durability

High flow, high efficiency cooling system with recovery tank.

  • high mounted rad & special rad side covers offer maximum rad protection
  • 7 - blade ring type cooling fan for maximum airflow through the rad
  • under hood access panel & drain cut-out built into the rad shroud for easy rad cleaning
  • over heat warning buzzer

Quiet, full stainless steel 2 into 1 exhaust system.

  • system features a cleanable spark arrestor to prevent stray sparks from exiting the exhaust
  • 3-way catalyzer & oxygen sensor (closed loop fuel injection) help reduce exhaust emissions
  • stainless steel design helps prevent rusting

Maintenance-free transistor controlled ignition (TCI).

  • produces a strong spark for fast starts
  • provides precise ignition timing / mapping for optimum engine performance at all rpms

High performance direct ignition coils (ignition coil is built into the spark plug caps).

  • reduces weight & complexity

Speed Key (a.k.a.) Valet Key.

  • limits vehicle top speed to 40 km/hr (25 mph) when Speed Key is on
  • under hood key operated system (key is removable to prevent tampering)

High output AC magneto.

  • AC magneto produces 600 watts of power for the vehicle & related optional factory accessories


Rugged, compact, round tube steel frame.

  • wheelbase is only 35 mm (1.4") longer than 2 seater Wolverine for exceptional off road capabilities & a tight turning radius
  • compact design provides nimble, responsive handling & excellent terrain-ability
  • special frame design positions the rear seats slightly higher than the front seats
  •  frame mounted 2" hitch receiver (907 kg / 2000 lb towing capacity)

Full length steel under frame skid plates (high impact plastic front plate).

  • underside of unit is fully protected by rugged steel skid plates with recessed fasteners
  • oil drain holes & other access holes in skid plates for easy service-ability
  • skid plates enhances terrain ability by allowing unit to slide more easily over obstacles

ROPS roll over protection structure (ANSI / ROHVA-1-2011 standard). *Speed sensitive, rack & pinion-type, Electric Power Steering (EPS).

  • significantly reduces steering effort resulting in less rider fatigue & improved rider comfort
  • speed sensitive system; more assist at slow speeds, less assist at higher speeds for optimum control
  • significantly reduces trail feedback through the steering wheel when a wheel strikes an obstacle
  • fully sealed EPS system (electrics & gears) with marine grade connectors

Adjustable, independent double wishbone front suspension with front stabilizer bar.

  • KYB oil & nitrogen gas shock with 5-position cam-style preload adjuster & colour matched springs
  • 246 mm (9.7") of front wheel travel
  • front stabilizer bar controls / limits body roll for added confidence & comfort

Dual "Wide Arc" style front A-arms.

  • "Wide Arc" design increases ground clearance in the centre of the machine
  • 273 mm (10.7") of ground clearance
  • heavy duty plastic CV boot guards

Adjustable, independent double wishbone rear suspension with rear stabilizer bar & self leveling rear shocks.

  • Sachs self leveling "Nivomat" nitrogen charged shocks with dual rate, colour matched springs
  •  self leveling shocks help provide consistent ride comfort & maintains wheel travel even when the unit is loaded (people & cargo)
  • stabilizer bar controls / limits body roll for added rider confidence & comfort
  • 221mm (8.7") of rear wheel travel
  • rugged plastic CV & CV boot guards

Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.

  • dual 207 mm (8.1") front rotors squeezed by twin piston calipers
  • dual 207 mm (8.1") rear rotors squeezed by twin piston calipers
  • rear drive shaft mounted 200 mm disc style parking brake with centre console mounted automotive style parking brake lever

High-Performance 26" MAXXIS tires & aluminum die cast mag wheels.

  • tire design enhances steering precision, ride comfort, ground clearance & traction
  • rugged die cast aluminum wheels

35 litre fuel tank.

  • low fuel warning indicator light in multi-function meter
  • Evap control system helps to prevent raw fuel vapours from entering the atmosphere

Easy to read, fully digital LCD multi-function meter assembly.

  • functions include: speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge, hour meter, clock, voltage display, On Command mode status, transmission gear indicator, Speed Key mode & various warning lights including low battery, temperature warning & more

Automotive style dashboard.

  • dashboard includes: On-Command switch, ignition switch, 12 volt DC outlet ( 10A / 120W); glovebox & blank accessory plugs for additional accessories
  • rear seating area also has 12 volt DC outlet (10A / 120W)

Adjustable tilt steering wheel & driver's seat.

  • 12 degrees of tilt steering wheel adjustability (no tools req'd)
  •  infinite adjustability within the 12 degrees of movement
  •  quick adjust driver's seat provides 100 mm (3.9") of movement with 8 pre-set positions of fore-aft adjustability (no tools required)
  • high grip, textured front & rear floor surface

Roomy 4-person seating with 3-point seat belts & passenger hand holds.

  • contoured high back bucket seats (4) provide all day riding comfort
  • stadium style rear seats are 100 mm (3.9") higher than front seats for excellent passenger sightlines
  •  quick adjust driver's seat provides 100 mm (3.9") or 8 pre-set positions of fore-aft movement (no tools required)
  •  high grip, textured front & rear floor surface
  •  adjustable front passenger hand hold & rear passenger hand holds (non-adjustable) for additional passenger security, confidence & comfort
  • easy to adjust, 3-point seat belts for all
  •  dashboard mounted seat belt & helmet reminder / warning lights

Colour matched, roto-molded, plastic doors & special shoulder bolsters.

  • doors provide added security & comfort for driver & passengers
  •  doors helps reduce mud & water splash from entering the cockpit
  • shoulder bolsters help ensure driver & passengers stay inside the vehicle in the event of a roll over

Centre console storage & drink holders.

  • centre console storage compartment (under centre console arm rest)
  • glove box storage compartment
  •  dual centre console mounted drink holders
  • 4-rear console drink holders

Super versatile, polyethylene, convertible cargo bed.

  • 2 sizes of cargo bed are available depending on seating arrangement
  •  with 4 seats in place the cargo bed measures 220 mm (8.7") L x 1100 mm (43.3") W X 330 mm (13") H & can hold 71 kg (158 lb) of cargo
  • folding down the convertible rear seats (leaving 2 front seats only) the cargo bed measures 900 mm (35.4") L x 850 mm (33.5") W X 300 mm (11.8") H & can hold 272 kg (600 lbs.)
  •  rear seats can be folded without the use of tools
  •  8 steel tie down points in the full size bed; 4 points in the smaller bed configuration
  • single lever tailgate openerNote: regardless of configuration cargo bed does not dump

LED Lighting.

  • dual LED headlights
  • dual LED tail lights with brake light function

Heavy duty, 2" receiver style trailer hitch mount.

  • towing capacity is 907 kg (2,000 lbs.)
  • maximum torque weight is 50 kg (110 lb)

Aggressive styling with front & rear over fenders.

  • injection-molded body components resist damage
  • slant low nose design provides excellent visibility of the terrain ahead
  • stylish front & rear over fenders reduce splash

Low maintenance, sealed battery (battery should be charged during extended storage).

  • convenient under hood location for protection & accessibility

All Wolverine X4s have been designed with accessory installation / integration in mind.

  • sun top / roof (HDPE - high density polyethylene) mounts
  •  cab enclosure (windshield, washer fluid, windshield wipers, dome light, etc.) mounts
  •  radio mount
  •  2nd battery kit ready


  • NEW Factory Installed WARN® Winch.
  • Single lever tailgate
  • Truck style tailgate with dual lanyards to support when open.
  • Marine grade waterproof connectors.
  • Front & rear floor drains with rubber drain covers.
  • Dual 12 volt DC outlets
  • (10A / 125 watt each) in front & rear seating areas
  • Yamaha diagnostic tool connector
  • YDT tool performs many functions & saves time & money when diagnosing issues. YDT can also store service history too
Sale Type
Titanium Bronze/Tactical Black
1,549 mm (61")
847 cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-Valve, Parallel Twin
1,974 mm (77.7")
3,100 mm (122")
Private use - 1 year (unlimited mileage) Commercial use - 6 months (unlimited mileage)
Final Drive
Dry sump
Tires (Rear)
Maxxis Dirt Commander AT 27 x 11 - 12
Yamaha Ultramatic V-Belt, CVT with On-Command (2WD, 4WD limited slip, 4WD diff-lock)
Brakes (Rear)
Dual 207 mm discs / twin piston calipers / 200 mm parking brake
Fuel Capacity
35 L (7.7 Imp.Gal)
Fuel Delivery
Dual Mikuni 36 mm throttle body F.I.
Tires (Front)
Maxxis Dirt Commander AT 27 x 9 - 12
Brakes (Front)
Dual 207 mm discs / twin piston calipers
Bore And Stroke
82 mm x 80.2 mm
Ground Clearance
287 mm (11.3")
Compression Ratio
10.5 : 1
Suspension (Rear)
Independent Double Wishbone with Anti-sway bar / 236 mm (9.3") of wheel travel
Suspension (Front)
Adjustable independent double wishbone with anti-sway bar / 221 mm (8.7") of wheel travel

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